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Success Factors in Green Growth Partnerships

08.09.2016  14:42

Green growth partnerships between the public and private sector are being heralded as a key solution to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and the problems created by globalization, population and changing patterns of production and consumption. However, working in partnership is not easy: they have an inherently challenging way of doing things which involves bringing together individuals and organizations with different cultures, interests, incentives, value systems and expectations.

On the 7th of September, day three of the Global Green Growth Week (GGGWeek2016) in Korea, an event was hosted by 3GF.  The event used practical examples to explore what works and what doesn’t and how to push green growth beyond a niche activity towards large-scale impact and widespread adoption. This session provided opportunities to both share and learn, as participants were challenged to identify effectiveness of green growth public-private partnerships. At the event 3GF presented a new Global Green Growth Forum paper on this topic together with SE4All, WRI,  Global Environment Facility (GEF) and partner countries Ethiopia and Korea: 'Success Factors in Green Growth Partnerships - Mindsets, skills and contexts'.

A short recap on all sessions of day 3 at the GGGWeek2016 can be accessed here.