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The 3GF Approach

The 3GF Partnership Approach

3GF seeks to provide a framework for developing and scaling partnerships between public and private actors as enablers in an accelerated transition to a green economy. The aim of the 3GF framework is to help bridge partners' individual motivations for pursuing a green growth pathway and the overall aim of a global transition to a green and inclusive economy.

3GF therefore seeks to articulate challenges and convene key players able to identify barriers and partnership approaches with scalable effect.

To this end, 3GF has developed a new ‘3GF Partnership Approach’ which builds upon existing 3GF partnership tools, including the analytical work “Partnerships and the Search for Green Growth” undertaken by Maya Forstater and Kathrine Madden. The new approach also expands on the varied ways partnerships can use the 3GF platform individually with a view to their starting point, partnership approach and maturity.

Please find the new 3GF Partnership Approach here.


The Value Chain Approach

Value chains have often been the attractor around which partnerships have coalesced; bringing together brands and manufacturers, consumers, civil society, governments, international organisations, trade unions, technology developers and investors. Many of the first generation of international multi-sector partnerships explicitly focused on addressing the environmental and social impacts of production in global value chains.

The 3GF process of identifying scalable partnership solutions for green growth applies a value chain approach.

Please find the 3GF Value Chain Approach here.


Other Analytical 3GF Partnership Tools:


Download Full Report: Accelerating Green growth Through Public-Private Partnerships (2012) (see pp.10-17)

Download 4-pager: Public-private partnerships: The 3GF way (2013)

Download 2-pager: A Framework for Assessing Potential Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to Accelerate Green Growth