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Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships are the cornerstone of 3GFs work

PPPs can play a leading role in shaping tomorrow’s markets, effectively overcoming policy and market weaknesses and failures by catalysing policies, creating standards, strengthening price signals, mobilizing and directing capital, and supporting technology development.

The scaling up of green growth solutions requires close collaboration between the private sector on one hand to provide the required investment and innovation, and public actors on the other to ensure favourable and predictable framework conditions. 

Collaborative partnerships are key in promoting inclusive, green growth

Dynamic and effective partnerships between public and private partners are therefore key to the promotion of inclusive, green growth.

The effectiveness of PPPs, however, varies widely. In order to assist our many partners' work with PPPs, 3GF has developed an analytical tool with five key questions to help maximise the green growth potential of a Public-Private Partnership.

Analytical tools on PPPs:

Download Full Report: Accelerating Green growth Through Public-Private Partnerships (2012) (see pp.10-17)

Download 4-pager: Public-private partnerships: The 3GF way (2013)

Download 2-pager: A Framework for Assessing Potential Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to Accelerate Green Growth