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3GF2014 Pre-meeting

Preparations for 3GF2014 are well underway. As an integral part of this process, the 3GF preparatory meeting took place on 13-14 May 2014 in Copenhagen where all partnerships on the 3GF2014 platform attended.

The 3GF2014 pre-meeting was an exciting event where practitioners worked together with industry leaders and policy makers to explore how collaboration and partnerships can contribute to green growth.

The main purpose of the meeting was to ensure progress and tangible substance in the various partnerships involved in the 3GF process.

The preparatory meeting facilitated discussions on this year’s theme, explored nexus between sectors, gave participants the opportunity to network and exchange with peers, and provided a platform for working with their partnership strategies and framework in order to enhance the green growth solutions.


As a new concept a “Devil’s Advocates” session was introduced at the meeting.

During the “Devil's Advocates” session, new and existing partnerships pitched their idea and/or strategies to a panel of “devils” whose role it was to challenge and provoke them towards achieving scalable green growth solutions and maximising the opportunity of working with 3GF. 

The panel consisted of investors, policy makers and business representatives with a global oversight of green growth issues and experience in developing partnership solutions. 

Each partnership had a 10 minute pitch before receiving comments from the devils and the audience. 


Please find the complete collection of concept notes for the 3GF2014 partnerships  and the programme for the preparatory meeting 2014  by clicking on the links.

Participation was by invitation only and the meeting brought together pioneering businesses, governments, investors and international institutions and organizations at senior working level.