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Partnership Sessions and Market Place 3GF-AFR 2015

Here you'll find summaries of the Partnership sessions that took place during the two-day conference, and the Market Place brochure to learn more about the existing partnerships. Find more information about the sessions in the programme

Read more about in which sectors and issues the 3GF partnerships are involved.

Summaries of Partnership sessions:

Food Waste and Loss Protocol  
Partnership aiming at developing a global standard for measuring food loss and Waste in a consistent, credible and transparent manner.

Scaling Green Off-Grid Energy Solutions  
Partnership working to accelerate and scale up off-grid solutions in Africa, providing access to high quality, clean and cost effective electricity systems to those in rural and isolated areas.

Water Resources Management  
Partnership engaging in fact-based, analytical approaches and coalition building initiatives to help governments catalyse sustainable water sector transformations.

Unlocking the Value of Waste
Partnership to unlock value in the waste management and recycling supply chain and achieve integrated waste management systems through the creation of a best practice roadmap and demonstration sites.

Financial Flows for Land Restoration
Partnership aiming to develop a “toolbox” and design a portfolio of financing mechanisms to address the complexities of financing land restoration.

Industrial Symbiosis   
Brings together public and private sector stakeholders from around the world to raise awareness of industrial symbiosis and its ability to foster green growth and eco-innovation through business opportunities in a circular economy.

New Business Models for Sustainable Lifestyles
With the view of integrating sustainable consumption in national green growth
plans, the partnership aims to promote sustainable lifestyles. This will be done through testing and upscaling new business models in a select number of countries.

Water Leakages  
Partnership working to scale up water saving solutions in rapidly growing cities through performance-based contracts.



Market Place for Partnership Ideas

Opportunity space to explore new green growth partnership ideas, initiatives and connect with potential global and regional partners. 

For the Market Place brochure click here or see more information below.

Participating partnerships: