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3GF-LAC 2015 Programme

See below the programme for Regional 3GF Conference in Latin America and the Caribbean (3GF-LAC) in Santiago de Chile 18-19 June 2015

Thursday 18 June 2015


Tea/Coffee and Registration  


Green Growth in a Decade:  Opportunities for Latin America

Introductory Remarks:

  • Michelle Bachelet, President, Government of Chile
  • Hans Schulz, Vice President, Private Sector and Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Operation, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Jesper Fersløv Andersen, Danish Ambassador to Chile


Visions from Latin America’s Leaders – Making the Case for Green Growth
Visions and aspirations of top-leaders from government and the private sector for inclusive green growth. 

The economic opportunity of going green is believed to be worth trillions of dollars. This session will make the case for the opportunities embedded in the green transition and the economics of green growth. Links to regional green growth priorities such as energy, land use and cities as drivers of green growth will be central to the discussion as will the role of public-private partnerships to delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals. Stakeholders and initiatives spanning international and regional contexts will come together to provide new perspectives and insights and explore collaborative partnerships for innovative green growth solutions in the LAC region.

Moderator: Hans Schulz, Vice President, Private Sector and Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Operation, Inter-American Development Bank


  • Pablo Badenier Martínez, Minister of Environment, Government of Chile
  • Ricardo Lagos, President, Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo, Chile
  • Soledad Teixidó, Executive President, PROhumana, Chile
  • Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, CEO, CMPC Forestal Mininco SA, Chile

10.30- 11.00



Cities as Drivers of Green Growth: Getting Urbanization Right 

Cities are the engines of economic growth, hubs of innovation, at the front line of climate action and key to improving the livelihoods for citizens. This session will provide real-world examples, from the world’s most urbanized region, of how to achieve better patterns of urbanization including transportation, waste and recycling management.  It will aim to highlight how cities can grow their economies while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring continuous improvements in human development and well-being.

Moderator: Manuel Olivera, Regional Director for Latin America, C40


  • Marcelo Mena, Vice Minister of Environment, Government of Chile
  • Michael Berkowitz, President, 100 Resilient Cities, Rockefeller Foundation, USA
  • Sergio Villalon Antunano, CEO, Philips Latin America and Caribbean, Mexico
  • Sebastián Navarro, Executive Director, C24 (Consejo de Ciudades Capitales ante el Cambio Climático), Argentina
  • Gonzalo Muñoz, Co-Founder, TriCiclos (Collective Recycling Project), Chile
  • Ellis Juan, Coordinator, Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initative, Inter-American Development Bank

12.30- 14.00

Lunch Break  

Transformation of Urban and Rural Areas in Latin America and the Caribbean – Presentation of Opportunities for Collaborative partnerships to Advance Green Growth.


Thematic Sessions: Latin America’s Hot Spots


The Future of Clean Energy in LAC: Mobilizing Financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy

The LAC region has a huge potential for renewable energy and energy efficiency. The session will discuss experience from the region with mobilizing financing to realize this potential. In addition to showcasing innovative finance for clean energy, the session will consider market design and grid integration that enable increased investment.

Moderator: Rubi Hernandez, Latin America Regional Director, UNEP Finance Initiative


  • Pedro Gamio, Ex-Vice Minister of Energy, Peru
  • Juan Andrés Camus, Co-Founder and
    CEO, Valhalla, Chile
  • Cristina Gamboa, Executive Director, Columbia Green Building Council, Columbia
  • Doris Arevalo, Director of Business Intelligence, Bancoldex, Columbia
  • Ariel Yépez, Chief of Energy Division, Inter-American Development Bank

Leveraging LACs Natural Assets: The Opportunity of a Century

Rich in Natural Capital, this session will discuss opportunities in the LAC region for decoupling growth from the overall environmental footprint through sustainable business strategies and systemic change.

Moderator: Mathis Wackernagel, President, Global Footprint Network, USA


  • Aarón Cavieres Cancino, Executive Director, Corporación Nacional Forestal (CONAF), Chile
  • Alejandro Lopez Moriena, Chief Sustainability Officer, Adecoagro, Argentina
  • Luca Eufemia, Market Transformation and Policy Manager, World Wildlife Fund, Paraguay
  • Sara Lara, Latin American Projects, Permian Global, USA
  • Roger Loyola Gonzales, General Director, Ministry of Environment, Government of Peru


Partnership Sessions - Global & Local Public-Private Collaborations for Green Growth

Work sessions engaging global, regional and national actors focusing on scaling green growth solutions.

An interactive session to build momentum around a Latin American based multi stakeholder partnership to assist in the restoration process of 20 million hectares of degraded land by 2020and to explore additional opportunities for land restoration, with a focus on mobilising financing.

Moderator: Walter Vergara, Senior Fellow, World Resources Institute


  • Claudio Ternicier, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Chile
  • Rodrigo Judice, Secretary, State of Espiritu Santo, Brazil
  • Ronnie De Camino, President of the Board of Directors, Red Iberoamericana de Bosques Modelo, Costa Rica
  • Eric Poncon, President, NicaFrance Outgrower, Nicaragua
  • José Joaquín Campos, Director General, CATIE, Costa Rica
  • Jorge Rucks, Director, Nacional de Medio Ambiente de Uruguay, Uruguay
  • Marcus da Silva Alves, Director, Brasilian Forest Service, Brazil
  • Hernán  Mladinic, Director, Tompkins Conservation Chile, Chile
  • Diego Valbuena, Researcher, CIAT Research Team on Soils, CIAT, Colombia

A partnership led by The Nature Conservancy to finance systems designed to support the maintenance of clean water sources, enhance natural ecosystems, and support community economic development with a focus at 3GF LAC on how to bring water funds to scale with transformational impacts on conservation and people.

Moderator: Aurelio Ramos, Conservation Director Latin America, The Nature Conservancy


  • Fernando Momiy Hada, President, ADERASA / SUNASS, Peru
  • Jordi Valls, General Manager, Aquas Andinas, Chile
  • Henry Moreno, Principal Specialist, Water and Sanitation, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Maryann Ramirez Calisto, Conservation Manager Southern Andes, The Nature Conservatory
  • Marina Santa Rosa, Coordinator Water Workings Group, Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development, Brazil
  • Scaling Green Growth Partnerships

A partnership session to explore the potential of collaborative partnerships to accelerate the transition to an inclusive green economy and explore how these collaborations can move beyond pilots and individual activities to push green growth towards large-scale impact and widespread adoption.

Moderator To be announced


  • Clay Nesler, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, Johnson Controls, USA
  • David Wilk, Acting Chief and Lead Climate Change Specialist, Climate Change and Sustainability Division, IDB
  • Lisbeth Jespersen, Head of Department, 3GF, Denmark
  • Carolina Jaramillo, Country Representative, GGGI, Colombia
  • Cesar Fonseca, Country Representative, 2030 Water Resources Group, Peru
  • Ana Maria Majano, Associate Director, Latin American Center for Competitiveness & Sustainable Development, INCAE Business School, Costa Rica
  • Ingrid Jegou, Senior Manager, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Management




Market Place for Partnerships Ideas

Opportunity space to explore new green growth partnership ideas and connect with potential global, regional and local partners.




Friday 19 June 2015

08.30 - 09.00

Tea/Coffee and Registration

09.00 - 10.30

Partnership Sessions: Engaging with Global & Regional Green Growth Partnerships / Testing in the Ideas Lab

Demonstrations of public private partnerships accelerating the green transition globally and regionally and opportunity space to design and facilitate new local green growth partnerships.

A session with key power grid stakeholders to explore the potential of a partnership to  enable Latin American countries and companies to integrate their power grids and reduce entry barriers to renewable generation by identifying the opportunities, challenges and next steps for an effective public private collaboration.


  • Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, Chief Executive, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Management
  • Walter Vergara, Senior Fellow, World Resources Institute


  • Ivan Araneda Mansilla, CEO, ABENGOA SOLAR, Chile
  • Aquiles Vargas, Finance Manager, INTERCHILE, Chile
  • Rodrigo Garcia Palma, Director of Public Affairs, First Solar, Chile
  • Jorge Huacuz, Senior Researcher, Renewable Energy, Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Mexico
  • Carlo Romano, Technology Manager, Vestas, Chile
  • Leonardo Sepulveda, Hydro Division Manager, Andritz Chile Ltda, Chile

A public-private collaboration to accelerate investment in energy efficiency in buildings enabling governments to establish effective policies and businesses to deliver appropriate technologies which is aiming to seed municipal and private sector commitments at 3GF LAC.

Moderator: Clay Nesler, Vice President, Sustainability, Johnson Controls


  • Sergio Villalon Antunano, CEO, Philips Latin America & the Caribbean
  • Christina Gamboa, Executive Director and CEO, Colombia Green Building Council, Colombia
  • Scott Tew, Executive Director, Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Ingersoll Rand, USA
  • Manuel Olivera, Regional Director for Latin America, C40

A partnership session to identify the regional priorities and define private sector linkages for Global Forest Watch, a near real-time forest monitoring system that unites satellite technology, data sharing, and human networks around the world to fight deforestation.

Moderator: Nigel Sizer, Global Director, Forest Program, World Resources Institute


  • Pedro Maura Costa, President, BVRio Environmental Exchange, Brazil
  • Agustin Mascotena, Executive Director, Roundtable on Sustainable Soy, Argentina
  • José Joaquín Campos Arce, Director General, CATIE, Costa Rica

10.30 - 11.00


11.00 - 12.30

Unlocking Financing for Green Growth Opportunities

The promotion of Green Growth will require developing and utilizing innovative financing models and mechanisms that lay the foundation for Green Economy transition. It has the potential to reshape the investment landscape, attract private funds, stimulate new markets, R&D, technology, skills and jobs.

Enormous public and private investment is required for the transition toward a low-carbon economy. But large scale investments are not flowing in the right direction, green growth initiatives still struggle to unlock needed financing and investors struggle to find investible projects.  A blend of concerted actions is required involving actors from across the financial system and along the investment value chain. This session seeks to unlock these barriers by identifying investment available for green growth.

Moderator: Carolina Jaramillo, Colombia Country Representative, GGGI, Colombia


  • Eric Poncon, President, NicaFrance Outgrower, Nicaragua
  • Rodrigo Violic, Head of Project Finance, Banco Bice, Chile
  • Maria Belen Sanchez, Banco Pichincha, Ecuador
  • Doris Arevalo, Director of Business Intelligence, Bancoldex, Columbia
  • Martín Duhart, Principal Investment Officer, Industries and Services Division, Inter-American Development Bank

12.30 - 14.00

Lunch Break    

Host country case                

14.00 -15.30

Prosperity with Green Growth: Lifestyles, Sustainable Development and Climate Goals

Three billion people are expected to join the global middle class by 2030, which will exponentially increase the demand for energy, natural resources and materials more broadly. Meeting the needs and aspirations of the growing global middle class in a sustainable way is critical and urgent. 

Leaders in Latin American societies will share their visions for the future citizens want and an expert panel will discuss innovative approaches and current opportunities for governments and businesses to apply sustainable consumption practices to ensure the emerging middle class can live and consume sustainably without compromising on continuous improvements in quality of life.

The plenary will make the link to the SDGs, COP21 and to the 3GF Summit in April 2016.

Moderator: Antonio Molpeceres, Resident Representative of UNDP, Chile


  • Hans Eben, CEO, UNILEVER Chile
  • Scott Tew, Executive Director, Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Ingersoll Rand, USA
  • Clay Nesler, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, Johnson Controls, USA
  • Luis Flores Mimica, Regional Head of Policies and Campaigns, Consumers International, Chile
  • Michel Schlaifer, Advisor, Climate and Sustainable Development, CEPAL/ECLAC


Closing Remarks

Francisco Barnés Regeiro, Member of 3GF Advisory Board and Executive Director, Centro Mario Molina, Mexico