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Introduction to 3GF-LAC - Santiago 2015

Enbabling Green Growth in Latin America


A Global Green Growth Agenda

A rapid, large-scale transition is needed if global economic growth is to continue while simultaneously building resilient and sustainable societies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt societies to climate change and promote a sustainable use of resources. This transition has the potential to unlock new growth engines and spur global economic growth.

The 3GF Approach

3GF seeks to accelerate the transition to a green future by being a global platform that facilitates scalable green growth solutions through an annual process, convening select high-level representatives from govern¬ments, business, finance, think tanks, international organisations and civil society in order to push forward innovative partnerships for green growth and share strategic green growth ideas and novel evidence in an informal setting. 


3GFLAC Regional Conference

On 18-19 June 2015, the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) in partnership with the Government of Chile and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will convene a regional 3GFLAC meeting in Santiago, Chile.

The conference will address key LAC green growth priorities. The LAC region has enormous green growth potential holding a unique wealth of water resources, fertile land and unparalleled biodiversity while being one of the most urbanized regions of the world. Focus will be on the economics of the green transition and opportunities and solutions related to cities as drivers of green growth, renewable energy and energy consumption, sustainable land use, the urban-rural nexus, consumption patterns and financing of green growth. Topics will also include water management, deforestation and restoration, innovative food production, valuing of nature, transport, energy efficiency and more.

As collaborative partnerships between public and private actors are the cornerstone of 3GF’s work, 3GFLAC will bring existing global partnerships into the LAC context and explore new partnership ideas based on regional needs. The international-LAC nexus will provide new perspectives and insights into current challenges and opportunities. The building blocks of the meeting consist of Plenaries, Thematic Sessions, informal Partnership Sessions and Ideas Labs as well as ample networking opportunities.

3GF global process

3GFLAC is one in a series of regional meetings and activities in the African, Asian and Latin American regions throughout 2015. They will support the momentum of key international processes on sustainable development goals and climate – and 3GF will be an innovative and action-oriented platform for implementing solutions in support of these goals. The outcome of the regional meeting will feed into the next 3GF Global Summit to take place in Copenhagen 20-21 April 2016, hosted by the Danish Prime Minister.

3GF – The Global Green Growth Forum

3GF was initiated by the Danish Government in 2011 in collaboration with Korea and Mexico. In 2012 China, Kenya and Qatar joined the partnership. In 2014 Ethiopia became the 7th government partner. 3GF Advisory Board members include: ABB, Alstom, Banco National de Mexico (Banamex), Bidco Group & Kenya Private Sector Alliance and East African Business Council, Danfoss, Hyundai Motors, McKinsey & Company, Novozymes, Samsung C&T Corporation, Siemens, Trina Solar, Vestas, OECD, the International Energy Agency (IEA), UN Global Compact, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Climate Policy Initiative, Global Green Growth Institute, Inter-American Development Bank, World Resources Institute and Centro Mario Molina.


More Information

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