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Global Green Growth Forum, October 11-12, Copenhagen



•ABB: Brice Koch / Executive Vice President
•ABB: John Peeters / Vice President Global Sales and Marketing
•ABB Denmark: Claus Madsen / CEO
•Absi Corporation: Rajeev Sharma / President
•Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF): Hugh Scott / Diector
•African Development Bank: Hela Cheikhrouhou / Director / Energy, Environment and Climate Challenge
•African Development Bank: Mafalda Duarte / Climate Finance Coordinator
•Air Transport Action Group (ATAG): Haldane Dodd / Head of Communications / Air Transport Action Group
•Air Transport Action (ATAG): Paul Steele / Executive Director
•Airbus: Frederique Echyenne / New Energies Programme Manager
•Alstrom: Joan MacNaughton / Senior Vice President / Power and Environmental Politics
•American Biofuels Council: Jim Lane / Chairman
•Arbejdsmarkedets TillægsPension (ATP): Ulrik Dan Weuder / Managing Director


•Better Place: Shai Agassi / CEO
•Better Place: Joe Paluska / VP / Global Communications and Policy
•Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Michael Liebreich / Chief Executive
•Boeing: Richard Mills / Managing Director
•Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES): Fabio Kerche / Advisor
•Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES): Luciano Coutinho / President
•Brazilinvest: Mario Garnero / President
•BYD: Henry Li / Senior Director


•Carbon Disclosure Project: Paul Dickinson / Executive Chairman
•Carbon War Room : Peter Boyd / Director of Operations
•City of Copenhagen: Frank Jensen / Lord Mayor
•Clean World Capital (CWC): Per Regnarsson / CEO & Managing Partner
•Climate Advisers: Nigel Purvis / President and CEO
•Climate Consortium Denmark: Finn Mortensen / Executive Director
•Climate Bonds Initiative: Sean Kidney / Co-Founder / Director and Chair
•Climate Policy Initiative: Thomas Heller / Executive Director
•CNTG Energies Limited: Eleanor Chan / CEO
•Concito: Thomas Færgeman / Managing Director Confederation of Danish Industry (DI): Kristine van het Erve Grunnet / Head of Secretariat Confederation of Indian Industry: Sachin Joshi / Deputy Head
•Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE) / Comisión de Estudios del Sector Privado para el Desarrollo Sustentable (CESPEDES): Juan Manuel Diosdado / Executive Director
•COWI: Stig Peter Christensen / Senior R&D Director Danfoss: Niels B. Christiansen / CEO


•Danfoss: Jørgen M. Clausen / Chairman
•Danfoss: Lars Dyrhagen / Vice President
•Danish EV Alliance / Danish  Energy Association: Lærke Flader / Managing Director
•Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI): Asger Kej / CEO
•Danish Transport Authority: Niels-Anders Nielsen / Head of Centre for Green Transport
•DemosEurope: Jesse Scott / Programme Director / Energy and Climate
•Deutsche Bank AG: Silvia Kreibiehl / Lead Analyst / Vice President
•DONG Energy: Anders Eldrup / CEO
•DONG Energy: Knud Pedersen / Vice President
•DONG Energy: Lars Clausen / Executive Vice President / Sales and Distribution
•DuPont: Craig Binetti / Nutrition and Health President


•E.ON: Urban Keussen / Senior Vice President / Technology and Innovation
•Electricity Supply Commission (ESKOM):Steve Lennon / Divisional Executive / ESKOM International
•Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool (EPEAT): Sarah O’Brien / Head of Outreach and International Relations
•Ernst & Young: Gil Forer / Global Cleantech Leader
•European Climate Foundation: Bert Metz / Fellow
•European Climate Foundation: Nikola Franke / Programme Associate
•European Commission: Connie Hedegaard / Commissioner for Climate Action
•European Commission: Doris Schroecker / Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport/ Research & Innovative Transport Systems
•European Commission: Kristian Ruby / Assistant for the Commissioner for Climate Action
•European Commission: Paul Verhoef / Head of Unit for Research and InnovativeTransport Systems / Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport
•European Investment Bank: Simon Brooks / Vice-President
•European Investment Bank: Christopher Knowles
•European Investment Bank: Tamsyn Barton /Director General of Operations Outside the EU and Candidate Countries
•Exxaro: Thomas Garner / Manager / Growth Energy


•Fomento Económico Mexicano / S.A. de C.V. (FEMSA): Francisco Suárez / Chief Sustainability Officer General


•Government of Denmark: Helle Thorning-Schmidt / Prime Minister
•Government of Denmark: Villy Søvndal / Minister of Foreign Affairs
•Government of Denmark: Ole Sohn / Minister for Business Affairs and Growth
•Government of Denmark: Martin Lidegaard / Minister for Climate / Energy and Buildings
•Government of Denmark: Christian Friis Bach / Minister for Development Cooperation
•Government of Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi / Prime Minister
•Government of India: Satya D. Murty / Principal Secretary to Government / Water Ressource Department
•Government of Kenya: Raila Odinga / Prime Minister
•Government of Mexico: Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada / Minister of Environment
•Government of Mexico: Francisco Barnés Regueiro / President / National Institute of Ecology
•Government of Mexico: Enrique Lendo, Head of the International Affairs Office / Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Government of Singapore: Yuen Sai Kuan / Director / National Climate Secretariat
•Government of South Africa: Thandi Tobias-Pokolo / Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry
•Government of South Africa: Gerhart Fourie / Director / Department of Trade and Industry
•Government of the Republic of Korea: Young Sook Yoo / Minister for Environment
•Government of the Republic of Korea: Jaedo Moon / Deputy Minister for International Affairs of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
•Government of the Republic of Korea: Soogil Young / Chairman of the Presidential Committee of Green Growth
•Government of the Republic of Korea: S.B. Lim / Director-General / Office of the President
•Government of the Republic of Korea: Yeon-chul Yoo / Director General / Ministry of Environment
•Government of the Republic of Korea: Sang Hoon Kim / Director / Ministry of Environment Government of the Republic of Korea: Duri Yim / Deputy Director / Ministry of Environment
•Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: Bui Cach Tuyen / Deput Minister for Natural Resources and the Environment
•Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: Binh / Vice Director / International Cooperation Department
•Government of the United Kingdom / Department of Energy and Climate Change: Bernie Bulkin / Chair Government of the United Kingdom: Paul Chambers / Head of International Low Carbon Technology / Department of Energy and Climate Change
•Government of the United States of America: Graham Pugh / Team Leader / International Climate Activities / Department of Energy
•Government of the United States: Rick Duke / Deputy Assistant Secretary for Climate Policy /Department of Energy
•Green Economy Coalition: Oliver Greenfield / Convenor
•Green Economy Rio+20: Robson Oliveira / President
•GreenPeace Nordic: Mads Christensen / Executive Director
•General Electric (GE): Hans Enocson / National Executive for the Nordic Countries
•General Electric (GE): Thomas Frey / Research Scientist
•Global Energy Basel: Daniel Wiener / Chief Executive Officer
•Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI): Rick Samans / Executive Director
•Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI): Simon Zadek / Senior Fellow
•Goldman Sachs: James Wardlaw / Managing Director
•GreenTech Automotives: Charles Wang / CEO
•GreenTech Automotives: Mac Yousry / Director of Product Engineering
•Grundfos: Carsten Bjerg / CEO


•Haldor Topsøe: Henrik Topsøe / CEO
•Haldor Topsøe: Kim Knudsen / Vice President
•Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: Mohammad Al-Najjar / Minister of Water and Irrigation
•Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: Basem Talfeh / Head of Department / Ministry of Water and Irrigation
•Hyundai Motors: Seungwook Yang / Managing Director
•Hyundai Motors: Sae Hoon Kim / Principal Engineer
•Hyundai Motors: Tae Won Lim / Director / Fuel Cell Vehicle Group International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD): Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz / Chief Executive


•International Energy Agency (IEA): Bo Diczfalusy / Director for Energy Policy and Technology
•International Energy Agency (IEA): Grayson Heffner / Senior Analyst
•International Energy Agency (IEA): Lewis Fulton / Senior Transport Energy Specialist
•International Finance Corporation (IFC): Nena Stoiljkovic / Vice President
•International Finance Corporation (IFC): Usha Rao-Monari / Global Infrastructure and Natural Resources Department
•International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED): Camilla Toulmin / Director
•International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD): Claude Martin / Board Member
•International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD): Oshani Perera / Programme Officer
•International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC): Amit Bando / Executive Director
•International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA): Gauri Singh / Director of Knowledge Management and Technology Cooperation
•International Road Federation: Susanna Zammataro / Deputy Director and Head of Environment


•Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST): Woo-jin Lee /Associate Professor
•Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO): Chong-Young Kim / CTO
•Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO): Il-keun Song / Head of Green Technology Research Institute
•Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO): Jeung Soo Huh / President
•Korean Air: Soo Ken Lee / Managing Vice President
•K-Water: Nahm Chung Jung / Vice President
•K-Water: Soo-myung Kim / Director


•LanzaTech: Laurel Harmon / Vice President / Government Relations
•Lockheed Martin: Ray O. Johnson / Senior Vice President / Chief Technical O”cer
•Lockheed Martin: Ned Allen / Senior Fellow and Chief Scientist
•London School of Economics and Political Science: Michael Jacobs / Professor


•Maersk: Søren Stig Nielsen / Senior Director / Maersk Line
•Mandag Morgen: Erik Rasmussen / CEO
•McKinsey & Company: Jeremy Oppenheim / Director


•Nestlé: Peter Brabeck-Letmathe / Chairman of the Board
•Nordic Sugar: Niels Nordgaard / Senior Vice President
•Novozymes: Peder Holk Nielsen / Executive Vice President
•Novozymes: Mads Madsen / Head of Corporate Positioning


•Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) : Angel Gurría / Secretary General
•Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): Simon Upton / Director / Environment Directorate
•Oxford Analytica: Nader Mousavizadeh / CEO


•PensionDanmark: Torben Möger Pedersen / CEO
•Pertamina: Waluyo Marto Wiyoto / Director of General Affairs
•Peterson Institute for International Economics: Gary Hufbauer / Reginald Jones Senior Fellow
•Petróleos Mexicanos Comercio Internacional (PEMEX): Yuri Alexei Carreno Villagomez / Intermediate Distillates Trading and Supply Assistant Director
•Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX): Cynthia Menedez / Refined Products Logistics Supervisor
•Philips Lighting: Harry Verhaar / Senior Director / Energy and Climate Change
•PriceWaterhouseCoopers: Andrew Thurley / Director
•PriceWaterhouseCoopers: Richard Gledhill / Head / Climate Change and Carbon Market Services


•Renault: Thomas Orsini / EV Business Development Director
•Rockwool: Eelco van Heel / CEO
•Rockwool: Jens Laustsen / Senior Energy Policy Analyst
•Samsung C & T Corporation: Keung Hwan Kim / Executive Vice President & CTO
•Samsung C&T Corporation: Seung Ho Shin / Head of Green


•Tech. Research Institute Scandinavian Airlines (SAS): Flemming J. Jensen / Executive Vice President


•Scandinavian Airlines (SAS): Martin Porsgaard / Director / Sustainability and Environment
•Shell: David Hone / Senior Climate Change Adviser
•Shenzhen Bak Battery Co., Ltd: Zhongyi Deng / Vice President and CTO
•Siemens: Jukka Pertola / President and CEO (Denmark)
•Solena: Robert T. Do / CEO
•Solena Italia: Willer Bordon / President of the Holding Company
•Solena Fuels: Pernille Hager / Business Development
•South Africa Renewables Initiative (SARI): Sharmala Naidoo / Project Manager
•Sustainable Biofuels Network: Robert Arendal / Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador
•Sustainable Development Capital LLP: Jonathan Maxwell / Co-Founder
•Suzlon Energy Ltd.: Nicholas Archer / Global Head of Public Relations
•Suzlon Energy Ltd.: Silas Zimu / CEO / South African Operations


•Technical University of Denmark (DTU): Niels Axel Nielsen / Senior Vice President


•United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women): Michelle Bachelet / Executive Director
•United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): Achim Steiner / Executive Director
•United Nations Foundation: Reid Detchon / Vice President / Energy & Climate
•United Nations Framework  Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) : Christiana Figueres / Executive Secretary
•United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC): Danielle Violetti / Chief of States
•United Nations Global Compact (UNGC): Georg Kell / Executive Director
•United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO): Kandeh K. Yumkella / Director-General
•United Nations: Ban Ki-Moon / Secretary-General
•University College London Energy Institute: Paul Ekins / Professor / Energy and Environment Policy
•University of Copenhagen: Claus Felby / Professor / Faculty of Science
•University of Copenhagen: Niels Elers Koch / President of International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) / Director General / Professor / dr. agro
•University of Copenhagen: Kathrine Richardson / Professor / Vice dean
•University of Oxford: Oliver R. Inderwildi / Head of low Carbon Mobility Centre


•Vestas: Ditlev Engel / CEO
•Vestas: Michael Zarin / Director / Group Government Relations


•World Bank: Rachel Kyte / Vice President
•World Bank: Jarl Krausing / Team Leader / Global Climate Change Policies Office of the Special Envoy on Climate Change
•World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD): Peter Paul Van de Wijs / Managing Director / Communications and Focus Area the Business Role
•World Climate Limited: Aimée Christensen /Partner
•World Climate Limited: Jens Nielsen / Partner
•World Climate Limited: Michael Mathres / Partner
•World Economic Forum (WEF): Dominic Waughray / Senior Director / Head of Environmental Initiatives
•World Wide Fund for Nature International (WWF): Jim Leape / Director General
•World Wide Fund for Nature International (WWF): Stephan Singer / Director for Global Energy Policy
•World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF): Adam Tomasek / Managing Director / Borneo and Sumatra