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Official dinner

The Danish Prime Minister will host the official dinner at the newly renovated headquarters of the Confederation of Danish Industry


House of Industry, the newly renovated headquarters of the Confederation of Danish Industry, is a visible testimony of an industry committed towards sustainability and green growth.

Situated at the very heart of Copenhagen at City Hall Square, the building is a vibrant and inclusive showcase of how far we have come in designing and constructing sustainable buildings. House of Industry makes use of a variety of clean and intelligent solutions to minimize the energy use and maximize the contribution from renewable energy sources. All in all, it is classified as a low-energy building with a no higher energy use than 70 kWh/m2/year.

The efficiency and sustainability of the building comes from technologies such as LED-lightning and smart lighting control systems, natural ventilation systems, photovoltaics and district heating and cooling, which makes it a key part of Copenhagen’s overall ambitions to become a carbon-neutral city by 2025.

Also, the building utilizes rainwater for toilets, gardens and window cleaning while the floor panels are made of waste wood.

Close to 600 employees and many more guests are using the house on a daily basis.