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Breakfast Sessions


These informal sessions were intended as the “ideas laboratory” of the Forum.

They had various purposes; from advancing topical discussions on cutting edge trends to launching concrete collaborative business ventures and/or potential PPP.

The session structure was informal and did not follow a fixed format.

Sessions were held around a convivial breakfast in smaller meeting rooms to ensure intimacy and optimise discussion between the panellists and participants.


During 3GF 2013 there were the following Breakfast Sessions:


  • Green Growth Best Practices: Assessment Results
  • Natural Capital Accounting in Supply Chains
  • Energy-efficiency Partnership: Driving a new kind of growth across the Russian federation
  • Beyond CSR: Disruptive Material Innovation 
  • Rethinking Plastic
  • Public and Private Finance for Renewable Energy: International Lessons Learnt and Possible Pathways in China