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Beyond CSR: Disruptive Material Innovation

Imagine a world where a small Nordic start-up worked with NASA, Novozymes and Rockwool on scaling a new nanotech insulation material. Imagine a world where residual products from Arla via enzymes from Novozymes ended up as textile materials for H&M designers. And imagine a world where Nike, IKEA, USAID worked together on taking waterless dying to scale.


The potential for green growth and disruptive innovation reducing the water, CO2, and chemical footprints of the materials industry is enormous. But often this potential is not unleashed due to systems deadlocks.
In this session we discussed what it will take to remove barriers, create incentives and unlock global sustainable growth within the textile and materials industry. We invited government representatives, business leaders and key experts, who wanted to join a revolution in new and more sustainable materials.

The businesses that will prosper, in a future of scarce resources, are the ones who master to distinguish between competitive, collaborative and systems innovation. This is key to drive growth, share risk, increase resource efficiency and become more sustainable.
The system changes and innovations required won't come from a single source. Not from science. Not from technology. Not from governments. Not from business. It will require a joint effort from all of us.

Session at 3GF 2013
3GF 2013 featured a Morning Session: Beyond CSR: Disruptive Material Innovation. The session explored how to remove barriers and create incentives for disruptive and sustainable innovation across the value chain. Government representatives, business leaders and key experts within the textile and materials industry discussed the following questions:

• What are the most significant barriers to achieving sustainable change at speed and at scale within textiles and materials?

• How do we speed up industry collaboration and systems innovation that will allow for better and more sustainable materials?

• What is in it for business, society and the environment?

Session contact person: Sofus Midtgaard, Managing Partner, Leaderlab (

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Beyond CSR: Disruptive Material Innovation