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Green Growth Best Practices

PPPs advanced by 3GF and others have shown to be an effective mechanism to overcome market barriers to green growth. To strengthen the PPP mechanism best practices should be assessed and shared.

The Green Growth Best Practices (GGBP) initiative engaged 75 authors in assessing effective practices and lessons from around the world with green growth analysis, planning, and implementation across 9 topics, including public private partnerships, finance, and policies. The draft results of that assessment was presented at 3GF with emphasis on effective approaches for public private cooperation, financing  strategies, and policies based on case studies and literature review conducted by GGBP author teams on these topics.


Breakfast session at 3GF2013
The session highlighted lessons for 3GF facilitated partnerships and for use of PPP and finance strategies and tools  developed by 3GF. The session presented and shared the results of the best practice assessment with emphasis on public private partnerships, finance, and policies and review lessons for 3GF PPPs. The event engaged participants in dialogue on successful green growth design and implementation and invited feedback on design and collaboration with on-going outreach, peer learning, and assessment.

Contact person for the breakfast session: Ron Benioff, NREL (

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Green Growth Best Practices

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