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Rethinking Plastic

The traditional ‘take-make-dispose’ linear system is not sustainable in the long run. Instead, waste should be regarded as a resource that can be processed and returned to the production of new goods, in a circular value chain.


Plastic possess a series of challenges as it comprises many polymer types that need separation before they can be recycled. An increasing number of goods are made of or packed in plastic because it is an excellent material for a variety of purposes. Plastic sorting technologies are becoming more advanced, but at the same time, waste plastic is expected to become more complex.

Breakfast session at 3GF2013
The session highlighted the challenges of high quality recycling and more importantly, how to overcome these. With the current plastic sorting technologies there is a need to look at the decisions made along the entire value chain, not just at the traditional waste management with collection, sorting and reprocessing. The session explored the challenges of improving recyclability of products and especially of plastic packaging. The session also discussed the recyclability barriers and how to overcome these. 

Contact person for the breakfast session: Mette Skovgaard, City of Copenhagen (

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Rethinking Plastic