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Green Trade Liberalisation

Green trade liberalisation has huge potential for green growth. There is a need to address obstacles to trade in sustainable energy technologies and to review existing governing frameworks, to ensure that trade contributes positively to addressing climate change, energy security and energy access through promoting a scale-up of renewables. The common vision of 3GF’s Green Trade Liberalisation PPP partners is to accelerate the momentum of the formal negotiations on the  free trade of sustainable energy technologies.


Governments and businesses are increasingly joining forces to promote a scale-up of innovation, production and deployment of sustainable energy technologies through trade. The SETI Alliance, which has its origin in previous sessions at the 3GF, is a stakeholder support mechanism and a PPP which works towards supporting and developing trade initiatives.
Currently, there is a growing momentum for trade initiatives in the area of renewable energy and it has been shown that there is a political readiness to act on this agenda.

Session at 3GF2013
3GF 2013 featured a PPP session on Green Trade Liberalisation. The session explored options and devised a strategy for the way ahead in promoting a scale-up of renewable energy through trade initiatives in order to strengthen the private-public partnership in driving this agenda forward. Government representatives, business leaders and key experts engaged in a forward-looking and action-oriented discussion on how to effectively advance the agenda of free trade in the area of clean energy technologies in light of recent developments.


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PPP contact person: Ingrid Jegou, ICTSD (


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