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Industrial Symbiosis

Industrial symbiosis is a key driver of green growth. It has been recognised across the world for its contribution to the circular economy through green growth, eco-innovation, job creation and resource efficiency. The vision shared by 3GF’s IS PPP partners is to deliver a model of IS that works at scale, integrating within and across country boundaries to optimise the potential for IS to address global agendas.


Session at 3GF2013
3GF 2013 featured a PPP session on Industrial Symbiosis.

The session demonstrated the activity and progress of Industrial Symbiosis at scale around the world by showcasing activity of mature and emerging PPPs in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Moreover, the session launched an international association for industrial symbiosis delivery bodies to enable rapid learning, address the challenge of finding the tipping point to move beyond multiple small projects for mainstream uptake at scale, and explore collaboration with city and regional governments to advance the implementation of industrial symbiosis. In addition, challenges and barriers for these aims were addressed.


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PPP contact person: Peter Laybourn, International Synergies Ltd.

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