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Public Procurement of Green Infrastructure

The potential of green public procurement to bring about a sustainable economy is immense. By harnessing and strategically directing public investments governments can leverage their weighty purchasing power to drive the green growth agenda forward, transform the market, and create incentives for businesses to take the risks to invest, innovate and commercialize green products and services across domestic and global value chains. The vision shared by 3GF’s Public Procurement PPP partners is to ensure the framework for both public and private actors to make full use of the tremendous potential of public procurement as an effective driver of scalable green growth.


Greening public tender design and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) arrangements will be key to ensure green infrastructure procurement. Thus, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Partnership for Procurement and Green Growth and the Danish Ministry of Environment partnered up to explore the potential of ensuring more systematic and organized green infrastructure.

Session at 3GF2013
To this end 3GF 2013 featured a PPP session on Public Procurement of Green Infrastructure. The session explored how public procurement and Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) can be organised to deliver on green infrastructure. Furthermore, participants at the session examined how governments and private investors are using procurement and PFIs to share risks in financing green infrastructure and debated the barriers for scaling-up green infrastructure procurement in emerging countries. At the session both barriers and opportunities concerning public Procurement of Green Infrastructure were discussed.

One of the concrete session goals of this PPP track at 3GF2013 was to launch the report "Value for Money in Infrastructure Procurement: the Costs and Benefits of Environmental and Social Safeguards in India". The report which was debated during the session at the high-level meeting was published in January 2014 and can be accessed here:

Value for Money in Infrastructure Procurement: the Costs and Benefits of Environmental and Social Safeguards in India


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PPP contact person: Oshani Perera, IISD (


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Public Procurement of Green Infrastructure