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Roundtable Plenaries

Roundtables offered participants the opportunity to engage in depth on a range of major themes in a format designed to stimulate focused dialogue.


The roundtables drew on high-level panels of political leaders and corporate executives and were chaired by moderators who are themselves leaders in their field.

Based on a boardroom-style format, the interactive sessions allowed maximum interaction by eliminating formal presentations, emphasizing dialogue and allowing participants to actively participate in the discussion.

The session was guided by a moderator who facilitated the discussion and kept the agenda moving; a guided conversation among peers.

The roundtables had app. 10 participants including a moderator, who were seated at a boardroom style table facing each other.

The rest of the participants were seated around the conference table in rows.


During 3GF 2013 there was the following Roundtable Plenary:

  • Green Investment: Scaling up PPPs and Other Key Issues