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Green Investment: Scaling up PPPs and other key issues



Our planetary boundaries are under an increased pressure.

The decade ahead represents a critical window for directing the global economy on to a sustainable path.

With 3 billion more people expected to join the ranks of the global middle class by 2030, and 2 billion more moving to cities in the same time huge increases will follow in demand for food, energy, water and building materials.

Ideally all investments in all countries should be “greened” implying that best available techniques are used in order to reduce consumption of energy and other scares resources in the production process while continuously developing more resource efficient techniques and processes.

Significantly upscaled production of green solutions, increased knowledge and increased possibilities through new techniques will make green solutions gradually more competitive implying more business opportunities and greater job creation in the green growth sectors.

However, studies today indicate that in a business-as-usual scenario, $5 trillion are expected in annual investments in the years ahead.

It is further estimated that $700 billion dollars in new, incremental investment in global green infrastructure will be required to ‘green’ these investments and limit global warming to 2 Degrees, thus preventing the worst impacts of climate change (WEF, 2012).