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Building Efficiency Accelerator

How to move towards sustainable urbanisation and greater energy efficiency in buildings


The buildings sector accounts for one-third of global energy use and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. This represents a high-impact opportunity. We have the technologies, business models, design solutions and programs that can lead to improved energy efficiency in buildings and can deliver 25-50% reductions in energy demand from new and existing buildings.  Achieving such savings would not only significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduce costs, create jobs, provide cost-effective energy capacity and improve the comfort, health and environment in communities. 

The “Building Accelerator” is a new approach linking local policy makers to global best practice. The initiative engages two broad stakeholder groups: Organizations and experts who can assist governments implement proven approaches to improve building efficiency and leaders of cities, states and regions that are serious about improving energy efficiency. 

At 3GF2014 these efforts were examined by the participants and leveraged in order to further promote and accelerate activities and to engage new stakeholders in other key regions and cities, including in emerging economies, in order to double the rate of energy efficiency in buildings by 2020 through the design and implementation of roadmaps. Some of the main outcomes include mapping the main barriers and best practice policies and incentives, identifying potential partners and encourage participants to adopt policies in their constituencies and communities.

Title: Building Efficiency Generator

Status: Leverage


Background information

What happened at 3GF2014?