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Polymers and Packaging in the Circular Economy by 2025

How innovation can lead to transformed production patterns around packaging and dramatically reduce environmental footprints


Packaging is at the heart of production and consumption patterns of modern industrial societies. In the world of plastics, new polymers continue to expand. However, the rapid introduction of such new materials often outpaces advances in infrastructure to cope with them. Indeed, plastics and their applications have proliferated faster than recovery systems have adapted. As levels of income continue to rise among the new global “middle class” in emerging economies, the challenges around packaging and its environmental footprint will escalate globally. It is a challenge that requires global players to collaborate all the way through the value chain – a type of collaboration that has the potential to dramatically reduce environmental footprint in production and to create new green jobs. 

This 3GF partnership engages an expansive number of leading international companies, governments, research and finance.  At it's core is Project Mainstream, an innovative platform for launching new materials, delivering proof of concept in two or more signature materials and providing practical suggestions on how to accelerate and benefit from innovation.

The aim of the partnership – uniting some of the key industry and public players – is to engage all key stakeholders in the packaging business. At 3GF2014 a new partnership between Project Mainstream and the City of Copenhagen was launched. The partners showcased the potential for improving the circularity of polymers and packaging among key industry players - local industry and global suppliers – in the region of Copenhagen. The 3GF session also tuned in on the scaling potential of the partnership model to other material streams, other companies and other cities and regions.

Title: Polymers and Packaging in the Circular Economy by 2025

Status: Launch

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What happened at 3GF2014?