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Unlocking the Value of Waste

How the consequences of our current production and consumption patterns can be turned into value 


As a result of increasing population, industrialization, consumption and urbanization, the generation and accumulation of waste is becoming one of the world’s fastest growing environmental problems.  Considering the consequences of increasing accumulation of waste a paradox occurs since large parts of municipal solid waste - such as the organic fraction - is a huge, unutilized resource which can be transformed into useful and valuable bio-products such jet fuel and fertilizer. The technology to make this transformation is present – but current waste management systems are often barriers for the valuation of waste in the value chain. Unlocking the potential for turning waste into a resource requires close coordination between various stakeholders involved within the aspect of waste collection, separation, treatment and disposal.

At 3GF2014 a partnership seeking to address the barriers for scaling up Integrated Sustainable Waste Management was launched. Stakeholders involved in the waste management system will work together with leading technology providers to develop roadmaps, describe best practises and opportunities and implement real life demonstrations. On a longer term the establishment of a centre of excellence is envisioned.

Title: Unlocking the Value of Waste

Status: Launch

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What happened at 3GF2014?