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3GF Learning Sessions


On the right please find Session Notes for the Learning Sessions featured at 3GF2014

1st Round of Sessions: October 20, 16.00-17.00

  • Kenya: Public-Private Green Growth Strategies (Room A)
  • Towards a Sustainable Financial System: The Case of China (Room II) 
  • Better Cities through a New Climate Economy (Room I)

2nd Round of Sessions: October 21, 13.30-14.30

  • Africa - Removing Entry Barriers (Room A)
  • China: Renewable Energy Cooperation (Room II)

Learning Sessions focused on the experience of a select group of countries (or cities or regions) in advancing green growth planning, and of engaging business in this process. The cases were explained and explored through the eyes of their respective political leadership and leading business voices. These grounded country perspectives were complemented by international moderators and participants with direct experience in supporting green growth planning in the specific country.