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Green Solutions Weeks in Copenhagen, Oct. 20-Nov 2, 2014



Known internationally as a role model for green city development, Copenhagen is taking the lead as the world capital of green and sustainable solutions. For two weeks, Copenhagen is transformed into the world’s biggest and most important workshop on the future of the planet. From October 20 to November 2, more than 2000 experts, scientists, government and business leaders, politicians, investors, civil society representatives and communicators from more than 100 countries will discuss how to overcome the biggest global challenge today, and turn climate-related challenges into new opportunities and solutions.
Together they will answer crucial questions such as: How do we handle the accelerating climate related problems? How can we make the transition to sustainable lifestyles? What solutions are already available and scalable? How do we ensure funding for these solutions? How do we communicate and share the great stories and build new momentum?

These initiatives, leading up to the launch of the IPCC report on November 2nd, should document the choices available and install optimism that this is not a lost cause. The solutions, the partnerships and the will power needed to make the change happen are at hand. 

Keep updated on solutions, news and actions during Green Solutions Weeks in Copenhagen on Twitter under the hashtag: #solutionsCPH.

The following activities will take place during Green Solutions Weeks in Copenhagen


19-21 October: Copenhagen Competition:

Copenhagen Competition will take place – an international university negotiation competition on the Sustainable Energy Trade Agreement (SETA) inspired by  efforts made in concluding the “real” SETA amongst States. Read more here:


22 October: Confederation of Danish Industry Green Partnerships for Growth:

The driving theme for this event is the developments in smart cities and sustainable urbanization with a focus on how companies and local governments can work together to achieve future goals. On both sides of the Atlantic, cities and states are intensifying the green initiatives and the search for sustainable solutions. This creates opportunities for companies to engage in new partnerships in fields such as energy efficiency and climate adaptation. Read more about the Confederation of Danish Industry’s Green Partners for Green Growth here:,22October2014.aspx


22-23 October: C40 CITIES Green Growth Network Workshop:

Cities are centers of economic growth and innovation: the cities of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group alone account for more than 21 percent of global GDP. This workshop aims to support sustainable growth and spurring innovation in the technologies that will make this type of growth a reality with a focus on socioeconomic impact, Green Clusters and sharing best practice, challenges and solutions. Read more here:  


21-24 October: ESMAP Knowledge Exchange Forum:

This forum focuses on global geothermal development, energy subsidy reform and renewably-powered grids for key stakeholders to learn from a wide range of external experts and hear the latest innovations from the field and expert analysts. Read more about ESMAP here:


22-24 October: IARU Sustainability Science Conference:

Hosted by the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with the International Alliance of Research Universities, this conference is gathering around 700 experts from more than 50 countries. It will focus on creating a stronger response across scientific disciplines to the societal need for sustainable solutions. The highly integrated topics include sustainable economy, biodiversity, urbanisation, health, energy, supplying food for a growing population and the relations between man and nature Read more here:   


27-31 October: 40th Session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

The report provides the most comprehensive update of knowledge on (the scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects of) climate change, and is feeding directly into the political negotiations leading up to COP21 in Paris in 2015 and outlining the urgent need for immediate action. Read more here: 


27 – 30 October: Build the Change

LEGO, Sustainia and WWF host an event inviting kids to build our future sustainable society with Lego-bricks. During the 3-day building event, 1000 kids will use one million LEGO-bricks to create imaginary answers to how our sustainable future will look. The event features inspirational talks from international sustainability experts. The results will be featured at Sustainia Award Ceremony, at the Royal Theatre, October 30th.

29-30 October: Building Green:

Building Green is a huge inspirational event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment and brings together communities from across diverse sectors to learn, share, innovate, experience and discover the future of sustainable building and construction. Read more here:


30 October: Sustainia Award Show

Danish think tank Sustainia hosts a solution festival in The Royal Danish Theatre demonstrating state-of-the-art sustainability solutions from around the world. The evening will be centred around the annual Sustainia Award honouring 10 leading innovations for 2014. A jury led by Arnold Schwarzenegger will select the final winner, which will be presented from stage. The ceremony will conclude with a focus on how to communicate sustainability solutions using a narrative and clear language that can build a new and stronger momentum. Read more here:


2 November: Launch of ICPP Report

IPCC and its chairman, Dr. R.J Parachauri presents its latest conclusions to the world at an international press conference. It will be a call for immediate action if we want to avoid the most severe consequences of climate change – stressing the need to speed up the necessary transformations of our economies.