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3GF Stocktaking - Partnership Market Place

Monday 21 October 8.00-9.00, the Eigtveds Pakhus, Copenhagen

When:  08.00 - 09.15, Tuesday 21st October
Where: Room A
Organisers:  Industrial Symbiosis, Food Loss and Waste Protocal, Global Forest Watch, Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation, SETI Alliance, Water Leakages Learning Network and 3GF Secretariat


Session goals and expected outcomes:

  • Share experiences from a selection of 3GF partnerships
  • Enable cross fertilisation and discussion on a broad range of partnership topics
  • Identify the success factors of effective partnerships  and share learnings
  • Examine the role of 3GF in enabling successful green growth partnerships


Collaborations and partnerships are the cornerstone of 3GF’s work.  Since 2011, nearly 30 new or existing partnerships have been through the 3GF annual process to develop their potential to achieve green growth around four key themes: water, food, energy and across the value chain.   What has happened to these partnerships? How are these partnerships greening our economy? Are these partnerships making a difference fast enough and at scale?  What is their value?


This session was akin to a market place, where business, government and civil society experts hosted roundtable discussions on green growth partnerships. A unique and efficient opportunity to hear about a broad range of partnership topics and discuss intimately with experts about their challenges, goals, achievements and next steps.  Partnership themes:

  • How does industrial symbiosis deliver green growth?
  • How can a multi-stakeholder approach effectively develop a global standard and guidance for measuring food loss and waste?
  • How is satellite technology, data sharing, and human networks coming together in a near real-time forest monitoring system to fight deforestation?
  • What are the challenges to developing and deploying clean energy technologies through free trade and open markets?
  • How is the Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation facilitating and strengthening the conditions for sustainable jet fuels?
  • How is the Water Leakage Learning Network scaling up water saving solutions in rapidly growing cities through performance-based contracts?
  • What is the role of 3GF in supporting and enabling collaborative partnerships?

Session agenda:

In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, participants were invited to join a small group discussion on a partnership of their choice.  This process was repeated three times, so participants will be able to visit up to three different partnerships.

  • 08 00 Welcome and partnership pitches
  • 08 10 Partnership roundtable I
  • 08 30 Partnership roundtable II
  • 08 50 Partnership roundtable III  
  • 09 10 Wrap up