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Competitive Advantage of Sustainable Infrastructure

Monday 21 October 8.00-9.00, the Eigtveds Pakhus, Copenhagen


When:  October 21, 2014 - 8.00-9.15
Where:  Room D
Organiser:  Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Foundation

Session goals and expected outcomes:

  • Explore the potential role of stakeholders, represented on the panel and in the audience, to support the introduction of standards for resilient infrastructure and to communicate the competitive advantages this may give them to financial markets;
  • Discuss whether  green credit rating for infrastructure debt would do the job or any other possible feasible alternatives;
  • As an outcome we expect to have a clearer view of stakeholder’s interest in a targeted initiative.


Sustainable configuration of infrastructure (e.g. well insulated houses, dense urban development, public transportation, waste separation and management) is key for creating green jobs and for meeting the climate challenges.  Sustainable and resilient infrastructure gives people the opportunity to make the right choices (e.g. by shopping around the corner, leaving the car at home when they go to work, spending their free time in the neighbourhood).  Additionally, it creates more “green jobs” than non-sustainable or non-resilient infrastructure. This is why sustainable infrastructure is key for “Changing Production and Consumption Patterns”.
5 Trillion Dollars per annum need to be invested into the global infrastructure, especially in cities, in the coming 20 years. This development will create twice the infrastructure we have in place today and overhaul the existing infrastructure to become climate friendly and resilient. Resilient and climate friendly infrastructure is also more investor friendly, because default risk through loss to extreme weather events and/or higher prices for fossil fuels (when subsidies are removed or a carbon tax is imposed) is mitigated.


The session discussed how each stakeholder group represented can contribute to promote and implement resiliency and sustainability in infrastructure. The session also explored how investors can be encouraged to understand and take into account these competitive advantages of resilient infrastructure funds.

Session agenda:

  • Stakeholder representatives on the panel will be encouraged to outline their specific contribution to making sustainability more competitive (7 minutes each).
  • Discussion will be around synergies and working together, including the audience.