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LAUNCH Nordic - a Better World of Textiles and Materials

Monday 21 October 8.00-9.00, the Eigtveds Pakhus, Copenhagen


When:  8.00-9.15 October 21, 2014
Where:  Room I
Organiser:  LAUNCH Nordic

Session goals and expected outcomes:

  • Introduction to LAUNCH Nordic – a public-private collaboration on accelerating innovations in sustainable materials & textiles
  • Share why collaborative and system innovation within sustainability are critical for the future business of companies such as IKEA Group & Novozymes.
  • Engage directly with three selected LAUNCH Nordic Innovators and play your part in advising them on how to go to scale. 



Materials and manufacturing have a dramatic social, environmental and economic impact on the world. The potential for disruptive innovation to reduce the water, CO2, and chemical footprints of the materials industry is enormous. But often this potential is not unleashed due to systems roadblocks. In this session we share experience and discuss why systems innovation and industry collaboration are critical for sustainable business growth, full impact of public sustainability initiatives, and for shaping a better world of materials.


An interactive session where participants after a short introduction to LAUNCH Nordic, system innovation and pre-competitive collaboration me three innovators from the LAUNCH Nordic cycle 2014 on textiles - and adviced them on how to go to scale globally. 

Session agenda:

  • 08.00 Welcome
  • 08.05 Introduction
  • 08.12 Panel
  • 08.25 Three LAUNCH Nordic Innovator Presentations
  • 08.35 Impact rotation with innovator in breakout groups
  • 09.10 Wrap-up