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Partnership Approach 3GF2014


The mission of the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) is to explore and demonstrate how better collaboration among leading businesses, investors, key public institutions and experts can effectively realise the potential for long-term inclusive green growth. 

To achieve this mission, the 3GF organises an annual summit of high-level green growth leaders willing to take leadership in the transition towards green growth. This year’s theme og 3GF is “Changing Production and Consumption Patterns through Transformative Action”.

Partnership Sessions

Partnerships are a central feature of the summit. Throughout the year, 3GF works with new or existing partnerships cumulating in a series of partnership sessions at the summit. 

The 3GF is looking for partnerships and partnership sessions that have the most potential to achieve green growth at scale. 

3GF provides access to high-level decision makers who attend the event but also to green growth methodologies and thinking and ongoing partnership advice, resources and networking.

At the 3GF meeting in October, partnership sessions are approximately 90 minutes long and significant effort is made for getting the right people in the room.

3GF also works with partnerships to identify effective moderators and to design appropriate formats to meet session goals.  

There are three Categories of Partnership Sessions:

  • Pre-launch: to test and assess the feasibility of a partnership idea
  • Launch: to provide a platform to launch a new partnership
  • Leverage: to peer review, share insights, promote a new phase of the partnership or expand the partnership group

Partnership Process


During the first part of the year (January-April), 3GF works with partnership convenors to “test” partnerships for their potential impact and scale and to explore session ideas.  This includes the following steps:

  • By end of March, submit a note detailing the partnership and initial ideas for the October session.
  • In April, discuss initial partnership and session concept and explore the potential for scale with 3GF and /or partnership consultant (dates to be agreed on individual basis).

On 13 - 14 May, partnership convenors attend the 3GF pre-meeting providing a unique opportunity to understand the 3GF approach and green growth challenges, network and exchange with peers and test out partnership issues and session ideas.

In the second part of the year (May-October), 3GF works with partnership convenors to develop their partnership sessions.  This will include the following steps:

  • By 20 June: Submit a note detailing the session objectives, draft process and potential speakers and participants. A final version will be required by 29 August.
  • 25 July: Deadline for submitting a list of suggested invitees for the high-level summit in October. If you have high level names ready now please submit asap.
  • June to August: develop a communications plan including list of invitees, media messages and related activities and design session format and process.
  • 29 August: Deadline for submitting the partnership session note for 3GF2014 (outlining the structure of the session, key objectives and moderator)
  • There will be ongoing support, updates and reviews with 3GF and partnership consultant as required.

This year’s summit will take place on 20-21 October 2014 in Copenhagen. After the event, partnership convenors will be invited to review session summaries, provide feedback and other relevant follow-up activities.

The 3GF is responsible for supporting the partnerships and making the 3GF summit in October a high quality event. The partnership conveners are responsible for designing and delivering the partnership session.  Relevant forms and reminders will be provided by 3GF on a timely basis.