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Preparatory meeting 2015-16

To set the stage and launch preparations for the 3GF2015-2016 Summit, 3GF hosted a preparatory meeting for its partners on 20-21 October 2015 in Copenhagen. 


The 3GF2015-16 pre-meeting was an exciting event where practitioners worked together with industry leaders and policy makers to explore how collaboration and partnerships can contribute to green growth.

The main purpose of the meeting was to ensure progress and tangible substance in the various partnerships involved in the 3GF process.

The preparatory meeting facilitated discussions on the private sector 's contribution to the SDGs, good practice for PPPs and finance and scaling of collaborative partnerships for green growth. It further gave participants the opportunity to network and exchange with peers, and provided a platform for working with their partnership strategies and framework in order to enhance the green transformation.

Please find presentations and impressions from the meeting here.