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3GF 2016


2016 Global Green Growth Forum - 3GF 2016 Summit

A Call to Action - Enabling Solutions at

Speed & Scale

‘We Are the First Generation that Can End Poverty, the Last that Can End Climate Change’

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, United Nations, May 28, 2015

The momentum has never been greater for a green transformation of our world. This transformation will only be possible through genuine partnerships between public and private sector actors that unleash new sources of ideas, technology, and financing to scale up development solutions. THE GLOBAL GREEN GROWTH FORUM -3GF- has been continuously working to catalyse game-changing public-private partnerships to accelerate this transition, and bring transformative solutions to a global scale.

While 2015 was a year for agenda-setting and public commitment on sustainable development – with the agreement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in New York and the conclusion of a landmark Climate Agreement in Paris – 2016 will be a crucial year to translate these promises into concrete actions and plans. This is the central task of THE GLOBAL GREEN GROWTH 2016 SUMMIT taking place in Copenhagen 6-7 June 2016. The timing of the Summit is designed to maximize progress arising from important global meetings. These include the United Nations Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony – the joint event on SDG implementation and climate action taking place in New York 21-22 April 2016.  By following on with the Summit in June 2016, 3GF is playing a vital role as part of the global process - moving the world beyond promises – and into proof of action.

The aim of the 3GF Summit is to provide a forum to accompany and accelerate delivery of a sub-set of SDGs through transformational public-private partnerships. The 3GF 2016 Summit will focus on the sub-set of SDGs that best align with green growth drivers, e.g. on cities, energy, forests, water, land, sustainable production and consumption, food and hunger, finance.

At the personal invitation of the Prime Minister of Denmark, the 3GF 2016 Summit will engage 250-300 top leaders from corporations, governments and civil society from all over the world. This will include 3GF partnership countries; China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Qatar and Vietnam.

Discussions at the 3GF 2016 Summit will demonstrate how 3GF’s partnerships are crucial in the delivery of solutions for a greener future. Sessions will focus on cities as drivers of green growth, the importance of setting the right frameworks for promoting sustainable lifestyles, making sustainable production and consumption a reality, and on financing of the green transformation. The topics during the Summit will be cities, energy, water, food, land-use, circular economy and other elements along the sustainable value chains.

The SDGs and the climate commitments can only be successfully delivered in unison. A key implementation challenge will be to foster linked solutions where the two agendas meet. This will be a key underlying theme of the 3GF 2016 Summit.

More than an Event ... a Dynamic Process

The unique feature of the 3GF is the way it enables unique and innovative partnerships to be formed, accelerated and scaled. The 3GF 2016 Summit will build on previous work achieved in the innovative and distinctive partnerships that 3GF facilitates. This is driven by knowledge sharing about successful ventures often via new evidence, which in turn sparks further innovation, along with the opportunity for very high level networking giving signals for future direction. The work of 3GF represents an on-going and dynamic process - delivering solutions that can be replicated, speeded up and scaled to truly produce impact.

Excellent examples of this include the Food and Waste Protocol. An international multi-stakeholder partnership devoted to reduce food waste along the value chain from production to consumption enhancing use of valuable resources. The partnership protocol will be launched at the Summit. Another inspiring example is the Race to the Top partnership which focuses on sustainable systems of apparel production characterised by measurable progress both in environmental performance and the well-being of workers.

Solutions via Systems

The essential premise of transformative change is that tackling global problems of enormous complexity requires acting on issues simultaneously, in well designed frameworks, through collaborative actions via the mechanism of partnerships and by continuously evaluating impact. This is thinking in systems.

It is systems thinking that has prompted 3GF to feature solutions work grouped in three connected ‘systems-themes’. This means recognising that sustainable human systems in common with ecosystems must operate through inter-dependent and inter-linking factors. These systems, at the same time, are becoming increasingly critical as drivers of green growth.

  • Cities and urban areas are centres of economic growth and innovation. They are also home to more than half the world’s population and the source of 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Cities must be planned and operate according to green principles, if they are to remain liveable, reduce negative impact and in turn create markets for further green development. Cities can therefore play a crucial role in a global transition to a green economy, and are the setting where many of the new green growth solutions will be tested.
  • Natural Resources The stresses on the world’s ecosystems which ensure the health of our natural resources have never been greater. For instance, more than a billion people currently live in water-scarce regions, and as many as 3.5 billion could experience water scarcity by 2025. Addressing increasing scarcity of water, deforestation and depletion of other natural resources are essential SDG agenda points. 
  • Energy The world’s energy systems are facing massive changes. Oil, coal and natural gas that fuel the majority of electricity generation produce more than one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Generous subsidies continue to support fossil fuel investment, despite the evidence that clean energy can be lower-risk and often lower-cost. Ensuring the scale and the essential transformation to a new energy regime driven by renewables is of the essence. 

The answers for green transformation must be driven by:

  • Greening global value chains - improving resource efficiencies as a means of creating growth opportunities, generating new markets and jobs, and promoting social and environmental benefits.
  • Sustainable Lifestyles - a willingness by the global and rapidly increasing middle classes to embrace sustainable living - which could then allow a shift to zero waste and clean energy.
  • Sufficient private and public sector ‘green’ finance - flowing at scale, with removal of market and institutional barriers - in turn triggering innovation and green growth.

The 3GF 2016 Summit will feature some of the most innovative systems thinking in the world today, outlining the pathways for delivering transformative solutions. Sharing of new ideas and evidence as well as experience from collaborative partnerships will form the essential deliberations. It is within this intellectually stimulating and very practical context, that the Summit will above all else advocate the need for green transformation - going further than ever ... and vastly faster.


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