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Partnership Sessions and Market Place at 3GF-LAC 2015

Here you will find summaries of the Partnership Sessions that took place during the two-day conference, and the Market Place summary to learn more about the existing partnerships. Find more information about the sessions in the programme

Read more about in which sectors and issues the 3GF partnerships are involved.

Summaries for Partnership Sessions:

Restoration 20 by 20

An interactive session to build momentum around a Latin American based multi stakeholder partnership to assist in the restoration process of 20 million hectares of degraded land by 2020and to explore additional opportunities for land restoration, with a focus on mobilising financing.

Water Funds

A partnership led by The Nature Conservancy to finance systems designed to support the maintenance of clean water sources, enhance natural ecosystems, and support community economic development with a focus at 3GF LAC on how to bring water funds to scale with transformational impacts on conservation and people.

Regional Power Grid Integration & Renewable Energy

A session with key power grid stakeholders to explore the potential of a partnership to  enable Latin American countries and companies to integrate their power grids and reduce entry barriers to renewable generation by identifying the opportunities, challenges and next steps for an effective public private collaboration.

Building Efficiency Accelerator

A public-private collaboration to accelerate investment in energy efficiency in buildings enabling governments to establish effective policies and businesses to deliver appropriate technologies which is aiming to seed municipal and private sector commitments at 3GF LAC.
See the presentation from the partnership session here.

Global Forest Watch 

A partnership session to identify the regional priorities and define private sector linkages for Global Forest Watch, a near real-time forest monitoring system that unites satellite technology, data sharing, and human networks around the world to fight deforestation.

Scaling Green Growth Partnerships 

A partnership session to explore the potential of collaborative partnerships to accelerate the transition to an inclusive green economy, achieve large-scale impact and widespread adoption with partnership inputs from the SETI Alliance, 2030 Water Resources Management and the Buildings Efficiency Accelerator.
See the presentation from the partnership session here.

Market Place for Partnership Ideas:

Opportunity space to explore new green growth partnership ideas, initiatives and connect with potential global and regional partners.

For the Market Place Summary click here or see more information below.

Participating Partnerships: