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3GF Partner Meeting October 13-14 2016

See below the programme for the 3GF Partner Meeting 2016

Moderator of the 3GF Partner Meeting:
Ms. Lynette Thorstensen, Director, International Sustainability Consulting

Thursday October 13th


08.30 - 09.00                    Registration - Tea/Coffee



09.00 - 09.30                    Setting the Scene for Re-thinking 3GF        

                                             A short introduction to the background and context of 
                                             re-thinking the 3GF


                                             Mr. Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen, Permanent Secretary,

                                             Ministry of Foreign Affairs           



09.30 - 10.00                     Initial Ideas and Proposals 

                                             This session will introduce some  ideas and suggestions identified

                                             by stakeholders about re-energizing 3GF


                                              Ms. Lisbeth Jespersen, Head, 3GF Secretariat



10:00-10:30                       Tea/Coffee Break



10.30 - 11.15                      Visions from 3GF Partners

                                              This session will offer insights from various 3GF partners about

                                             3GF’s progress to date and possible future pathways



                                             Mr. Juan Ladrón de Guevara, Executive Director National Council for 
                                             Clean Production, Chile
                                             Ms. Gail Klintworth, Secretariat of Business and Sustainable

                                             Development Commission
                                             Mr. Leo Horn-Phathanothai, Director for International Cooperation, 
                                             World Resources Institute   


11.15 - 12.30                      Moderated Panel Discussion  


12.30 - 14.00                     Lunch



14.00 – 14:15                    What is the 3GF Value Proposition – Now and in the Future?

This session will focus on ‘value’ from 3GF and to 3GF by partners 
and other stakeholders

Mr. Neil Coles, Senior Expert, The Collaborating Centre on Sustainable 
Consumption and Production 

Mr. Sofus Midtgaard, Managing Partner, Leaderlab



14.15 – 16.00                    Designing 3GF


                                            This session offers an opportunity to be creative and design the
                                            ‘ideal’ 3GF.
 Visioning, brainstorming and ideas collection.



16.00 – 16.30                    Tea/Coffee Break



16:30-17:30                      Feeding Back and Identifying Important Trends


17.45 - 19.00                      Reception
                                             Mr. Bo Lidegaard, Strategic Adviser


Friday October 14th


08.00 - 08.30                   Tea/Coffee



08.30 - 9.30                      Enabling Partnerships Through a Toolbox Approach


                                             This session will present 3GF partnership tools and 
                                             discuss how and when tools might add value
                                             Mr. Darian Stibbe, The Partnering Initiative



09.30 - 10.30                    From Success Factors to Quality Standards in Green Growth  

                                             This session will discuss the effectiveness of green growth    
                                             partnerships and explore if and how to establish quality standards

                                             Mr. Flavio Corsin, Vietnam Country Director, IDH The Sustainable
                                             Trade Initiative

                                             Ms. Rachel Lombardi, International Synergies



10.30 - 11.00                      Tea/Coffee Break



11.00 - 12.15                      Scaling the Impact of Green Growth Partnerships

                                             This session will explore how to push green growth partnerships 
                                             beyond a niche activity towards
 large-scale impact and widespread 


                                             Mr. Peter Brun, The Alliance of the Sustainable Energy Trade Initiative
                                             (SETI Alliance)
                                             Ms. Laketch Mikael, Senior Director, Agricultural Transformation 
                                             Ms. Mariann Kurts Weber, Head Strategy and Operations, Advisory 
                                             Service, International Finance Corporation   


12.15 - 12.30                      Summary, Next Steps & Close

                                             Mr. Martin Bille Hermann, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


12.30 - 14.00                     Lunch