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3GF Roundtables 2017

In context of designing the new initiative replacing 3GF, four roundtables are held, three regional in Latin America, Asia, Africa and one national in China in spring 2017. In the pages below information are shared regarding the roundtables.



P4G 2030

A Global Green Growth Agenda

The world has changed with the coming into force of the Paris Agreement and the Global Goals. A global framework has been established with universal commitments, a clear focus and a set timeframe (2030). Moreover, all countries are now working on the necessary action plans.

In order to reach the targets demanded by 2030, a dramatic acceleration is needed. To move forward, this must happen with both speed and scale. High-level commitments and determined objectives are needed from governments and the private sector to drive the concrete progress, as is the engagement of the private sector to accelerate investment in concrete solutions.

The recent report, "Better Business, Better World" launched by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC) in Davos in January 2017 supported by the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) has demonstrated the $US 12 trillion business opportunity represented by the Global Goals. Investing in business projects and actions on the ground that seek to protect the global environment, promote growth, reduce poverty and spark the green transition will deliver on the goals whilst simultaneously creating wealth.

Partnering for Progress

The ambitions of the Partnering for the Green Global Goals 2030 is to ensure significant impact in the form of innovative and cost effective solutions to drive forward select green Global Goals.

The mission is through speed, scale and focus to promote the impact of partnerships and accelerate progress on the green Global Goals. Based on learnings from the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) this will be achieved through strengthening engagement through the global Summits and establishing and scaling strategic global public-private partnerships within selected areas. These include energy, water, food production, circular economy and cities.

To achieve the green Global Goals, more conducive framework conditions must be developed along with innovative solutions and ways of working together. This calls for strategic public-private partnerships addressing concrete challenges and barriers on a global, regional national or city level and paving the way for private investment which will lead to action on the ground.

A joint initiative

The new joint initiative will work through:

  • Global Summits, to be held every second year, hosted by the initiative’s partner countries on a rotating basis, where partners – public and private – will focus on determined targets and objectives in selected green areas of the Global Goals.
  • Strategic Public-Private partnerships will be designed and the impact scaled in order to follow up on the Summits through promoting conducive framework conditions for the green transformation.
  • With conducive framework conditions, the private sector is provided with better opportunities to contribute to progress in sustainable development by investing in concrete solutions on the ground.
  • Monitoring and reporting: The initiative will be strengthened by support from knowledge platforms and institutions. Progress will be stimulated by monitoring and reporting of the progress of the initiative closely coordinated and developed in line with initiatives to monitor and report on the Global Goals.

The Partnering for Green Global Goals 2030 initiative will be part of the international architecture and ambitions working to deliver progress on the Global Goals. The initiative will be collaborating closely with international partners based on the 3GF community.

Download the P4G 2030 two-pager