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LAC roundtable - Santiago 

The Latin American regional roundtable was held in Santiago, Chile in March 2017 

Please find information about the roundtable and the learning session which was held in connection with the roundtable below. 


Summary of roundtable and learning session

Summary (English)

Resumen (Spanish)

Roundtable 21 March 2017

Final agenda for roundtable (English)

Invitation to roundtable (English)

Invitation to roundtable (Spanish)

3GF Roundtable presentation (English)

Participant list

Learning session 20 March 2017

Final agenda for learning session (English)

Invitation to Learning Session (English)

Invitation to Learning Session (Spanish)

3GF Learning Session presentaion (English)

World Resources Institute presentation (English)

Ministerio del Medio Ambiente presentation (Spanish)