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First 3GF Regional Forum in Latin America & the Caribbean

Under the title "Rethinking our Energy Future: Climate Change and Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean", the IDB, Denmark and Colombia hosted the first Regional 3GF Forum on 18 June 2013.



The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Denmark and Colombia hosted a regional 3GF focusing on climate change and renewable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Latin America and the Caribbean’s renewable energy endowment is large enough to cover its projected 2030 electricity needs 22 times over, according the a Whitepaper presented by the Inter-American Development Bank 18 June in Bogota at the first regional meeting of 3GF.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Governments of Colombia and Denmark co-hosted the first ever regional meeting of 3GF.



Panel discussion. From right to left: Mr. Hans Schulz, IDB Vice-President for Private Sector and Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Operations, Mr. Federico Renjifo, Minister of Mines & Energy, Colombia, Mr. Juan Gabriel Uribe, Minister of Environment, Colombia, Mr. Ramón Méndez, Director, National Directorate of Energy, Mr. Victorio Oxilia Dávalos, Executive Secretary, Latin American Energy Organization and Ms. Eva Grambye, Special Envoy, Global Green Growth Forum.


3GFLAC created momentum for the Global Green Growth Forum in Copenhagen

The President of Colombia opened the meeting with a forceful statement on Colombia's commitment to renewable energy and a recognition of the 3GF process.

More than 10 ministers, leaders from business, finance and civil society from more than 20 countries were represented.

The potential of renewable energy in the LAC-region came across loud and clear, and the momentum and leadership created by this regional meeting will be brought to the global 3GF meeting in Copenhagen in October.

The LAC region is expected to present the outcome of the regional meeting at 3GF in October.



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