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At the pre-meeting a number of interesting and thought-provoking presentations were shown by representatives from governments, companies, investors, and international organizations.

These can be accessed by following the links below listed according to the sessions in which the presentations were shown:


Plenary sessions


Setting the scene for 3GF 2013:


The Greening of value chains (day 1), Stefano Ponte, Professor, Copenhagen Business School

Global Value Chain Analysis and Green Growth (day 3), Simon Bolwig, Senior Researcher, Technical University of Denmark

Conflict, Risk, Cooperation: Nexus, John Joyce, Senior Water Economist, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

Setting the scene for 3GF 2013, Maya Forstater and Katherine Madden, PPP Consultants, 3GF


Next steps in the 3GF process:

3GF Building Blocks, Eva Grambye, Special Envoy, 3GF


Greening the value chain:

Promoting green growth through the value chain, Kate Raworth, Senior Researcher, Oxfam


Driving Green Growth:

Realising the Resource Revolution, Fraser Thompson, Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute

C40 Cities, Cristiana Fragola, Europe Regional Director, C40 Cities

3GF Partnership for Procurement and Green Growth, Oshani Perera, Programme Leader, IISD


Greening the Economy - compelling government policies:

Renewable Energy in China: the Latest Progress and Policy, Zhao Yongqiang, Associate Researcher, China National Renewable Energy Centre, China

Mexico's Green Growth Strategies, Andrés Flores Montalvo, General Director of Environmental Policy and Economics, Mexico

Korea's Green Growth: Continuing its Journey, Chang Sang Cho, Assistant Secretary to the President for Climate and Environment, Korea


PPP Sessions



Developing a 'Food Loss and Waste Protocol', Craig Hanson, Director, World Resources Institute

The Business Case for Sustainability in the Food Sector, Ben Tuxworth, Head of Sustainability, Salterbaxters

Business Case for a Sustainable Food Sector, Ewald Wermuth, International Director Public Affairs, IDH

Credible and Effective Standards and the Role of the Government in Scaling Up, Norma Tregurtha, Senior Policy Manager, ISEAL Alliance

Sustainable Dairy Products, Jan Johannesen, Sustainability Director, Arla Foods


Greening the Value Chain:

Industrial Symbiosis, Peter Laybourn, Chief Executive, International Synergies Ltd



Water Sustainability, CDP

Danica Pension in Diversification Drive, Caroline Liinanki

Public-Private Partnerships in Non-Revenue Water, Jesper Goodley Dannisøe, Project Director, Danish Water Forum

Potentials for PPP in NRW reduction, Jens Baadsgaard Pedersen, EnviDan International A/S

Urban Water Leakage and Water Pricing, Carl-Emil Larsen, President of EUREAU, CEO of DANVA

Tackling Urban Water Leakage, Jakob Møller Nielsen, Head of Department, The Danish Ministry of the Environment

Working with utilities on leakage, Stephen Hart, Water & Waste Management, European Investment Bank

Alternative investment opportunities for some institutional investors?, Anders Dalgaard, Head of Institutional Clients, Danske Bank

Pricing: Lessons Learned/Investment Driver?, David Zetland, Senior water economist, Wageningen University

Rethinking waternetwork_WhitePaper_NonRevenueWater



Resource efficiency indicators, notes for discussions, Hans Jakob Eriksen, GGGI

Energy efficiency and building, notes for discussion, Hans Jakob Eriksen, GGGI