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Cities play an important role in 3GF across themes and issues being addressed. Cities contribute significantly to the climate change problem and are at the same time vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Cities have the potential to play a leadership role in promoting new solutions and driving global action on green growth.


Cities can play a crucial role in a global transition to a green economy

Cities have an enormous climate impact – consuming over two-thirds of the world’s energy and accounting for more than 70 % of global CO2 emissions. The impact of cities is on the increase. While more than half of the world’s population currently live in urban areas, this is estimated to rise to 70 % by 2050.

Cities control significant environmental, economic and social assets and represent the heart of economic growth and innovation. The way in which cities organise their energy supply, water management, food supply, production, transport and waste is critical to any sustainable development objectives.

With the establishment of the C40 network signifying megacities across the world taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there is now international recognition of the role cities can play as leaders on climate action.

Cities play an increasingly important role in 3GF

Cities is where many of the new green growth solutions will be tested out. Policies can often be implemented quicker and more decisively at city level where there is a closer relationship with business, residents and institutions.

The key role of cities is reflected in a close partnership between 3GF, the C40 network and the City of Copenhagen as well as participation in 3GF by many of the C40 cities.

3GF features specific city sessions and also incorporates the role of cities in the more sector based sessions.