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Country cases

3GF has since 2012 focussed on the national collaborative imperative, alongside its existing work in progressing international public-private partnerships. In collaboration with the Global Green Growth Institute (3GI), 3GF is committed to support countries in advancing green growth planning, and to engaging business in this process.


The Importance of Countries

Countries’ ambitious efforts to accelerate their own transition to a green growth pathway will be a critical foundation of success in greening the global economy.

Country cases at 3GF aims at creating a platform for cross country learning and commonalities for advancing green growth at country level, including political leadership, private sector entrepreneurship, and innovative financing schemes.      

Collaboration with GGGI

Country cases include examples from developed, emerging and less developed economies. The content of each country case will of course vary, but is expected to address at core how public-private collaboration does or could enhance the quality of green growth policy development and implementation at the national level.

3GF is working closely with the Global Green Growth Institute (3GI), that supports developing and emerging country governments in green growth planning. 

You can read more about 3GI's work here.