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Land for agriculture is subject to intense competition and serious degradation due to overuse, erosion, inefficient use and environmental changes. 3GF supports initiatives that reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. .


Uniting Technology and Human Networks to Mobilize Sustainable Forest Management

WRI, Google, UNEP, Imazon, NASA, University of Maryland and partners have developed a new forest monitoring system that unites technology, transparency, and human networks to mobilize faster, more effective forest conservation and sustainable forest management.

It combines a novel near-real-time deforestation alert system, complementary satellite data and systems, crowdsourcing, partner maps, and mobile technology.


The role of Forest Monitoring

This gives government agencies, companies, communities and civil society access to up-to-date information on the status of forest land at ever increasing resolution.

Companies, including Unilever and Nestl√©, are applying the system to ensure their supply chains do not include deforestation, as well as to identify and address related risks among their suppliers in a timely fashion.


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