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Circular Economy

Industrial symbiosis is a key driver of green growth and achieving a circular economy. Collaborative partnerships optimising the potential for circular economy to address global agendas are supported at 3GF.


The role of Industrial Symbiosis

Industrial symbiosis has been recognised across the world for its contribution to the circular economy through green growth, eco-innovation, job creation and resource efficiency.

The vision shared by 3GF's Industrial Symbiosis PPP partners is to deliver a model of Industrial Symbiosis that works at scale, integrating within and across country boundaries to optimise the potential for Industrial Symbiosis to address global agendas.


Retrofitting and Pro-Active Industrial Symbiosis

More area-specific models such as retrofitting Industrial Symbiosis into industrial parks will be illustrated together with new applications such as “pro-active” industrial symbiosis linked to urban planning and regeneration of our cities.

The Industrial Symbiosis PPP is designed to address calls from the 3GF for Urgent Action, Scalability, Affordability and Innovation.



Sessions on Circular Economy at 3GF 2016:


Sessions on Circular Economy at 3GF 2013