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Transport is one of the main global consumers of energy. 3GF is working to support and bring to scale initiatives with growth potential aimed at improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of for instance vehicles, roads, railways, airways, waterways and logistics.


The development of sustainable transport plays a key role in the transition to a green economy

According to the World Energy Council, the total fuel demand in all transport modes will increase by 30%-82% between 2010 and 2050. This growth is mainly driven by trucks, buses, trains, ships, and airplanes.


Increased energy efficiency is an urgent matter

Faced with the global growth of mobility of both people and goods, there is an urgent need to secure energy efficiency in transport as well as promising and viable alternatives to fossil fuels like renewable electricity. Sustainable biomass and hydrogen should be developed to scale through large investments.


Testing and global standards are needed for cost-effectiveness

3GF also supports the need for further maturing and testing of the technologies and developing global standards along the value chain of transport in order to fully unleash the business potential for sustainable transport and make new technologies cost-effective and competitive with fossil based alternatives.

Sessions on Transport at 3GF 2014

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